Rocío Sagaó (1950) by Nacho López

It’s been a hot minute. Where have I been?

In 2018, I:

☁ went into a freefall depression.
☁ had a major breakdown and resulting PTSD.
☁ took my comprehensive exams in the same period.
☁ applied to several fellowships.
☁ completed and passed said exams, including one with distinction.
☁ won a prestigious dissertation fellowship.
☁ became a doctoral candidate in history.

So that’s where I’ve been. Where am I now?

Cleaning up a mess I made and working on how to be a better person (a forever journey). Watching the demise of Internet 2.0. Looking forward to the blogging and zine revival. Admiring and analyzing design. Living with my partner. Enjoying brie and fruit.

I’ll follow up soon, because: this blog is now live. The webmistress has returned.
¡Viva super relax!