Toni Morrison speaking at “A Tribute to Chinua Achebe – 50 Years Anniversary of ‘Things Fall Apart.'” The Town Hall, New York City, February 26th, 2008. Photograph by Angela Radulescu.

Now, let me tell you what Toni Morrison said. She said racism was a distraction from her work. We can’t be distracted by their foolishness. Let them look for the problem.

Let them look for the problem. Don’t you look with them. You already know it’s not a problem. We already know critical race theory is not being taught in public schools.

Listen, that is a distraction. While they’re arguing about critical race theory and social and emotional learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, let them look for that problem.

Guess what I’m going to do? Teach my ass off.
I’m still going to teach. I’m still going to teach the truth, and you won’t distract me.

Dr. Tip, “Ep 66: Finding What You Seek,” tellemtiptoldyou